Who is our typical client?
We currently work with successful men whose average age ranges from 25-45.  Most of our male clients have very big and busy successful lives with great careers, loving families, and robust social lives.  The common denominator is that most have experienced some sort of change in their life to elicit a desire to work on their style and image.  They want to feel more confident and powerful when going out into the world.

How do we get started?
Please refer to Contact Us page

Where/How Do we work?
For the initial consulting session, we confer on your schedule and set a date, time, and location to meet to your preference. We do a variety of information gathering with you in order to make sure we are piecing the perfect clothing. 

We then view various styles and fabrics that suit your interest. Creating long-lasting relationships with you as a client is to make future visits seamless and time sensitive.

What if I can’t afford the bespoke package?
Feel free to sign up for our monthly newsletter as it is balanced with free style solutions.

What makes us an expert?
Style based in reality is our life and is what makes us excited to work with clients. We’re not interested in editorial high fashion or runways looks.  As a team, we’ve all completed various color and shape analysis trainings along with various fashion design courses which means we understand the science of what looks good on you and why.  We have had lots of experience creating pieces for all body types.  We have worked as a full time custom clothiers business since 2015 in Detroit, which is probably the hardest market to crack in the Midwest!

What is it like to work with us?
We think you'll find that we’re down to earth and fun to work with. We know our stuff and will tell it to you straight.

Do you dress your clients to look like you?
We may be a chameleon and dress by what inspires us in the moment but we do not impose our personal style on our clients. We help our clients unearth and explore their own personal style while creating a suit that fits them.

Do we only dress models?
No. While we do have extensive experience in the fashion world dressing models, many of our clients are “real people” with real bodies. It is fairly common for my clients to have challenging size/fit issues often wearing different sizes on the top vs. bottom.

Can we make you a suit?
Yes, our custom tailors work diligently to create one-of-a-kind creations for our clients.

What if I don’t live in Detroit? Can you help?
Absolutely. We can work together via Skype/FaceTime, email and telephone.  We can create a calendar appointment for our next visit to a location nearest you.

I’m still trying to lose 5 pounds, should I hire you now or later?
5-10 pounds is really not going to make a difference in our work together and we can certainly tailor items that are good for fluctuating sizes. Why would you wait to get the best possible style infusion?

What is your return policy or guarantee?
When someone fills out a questionnaire for a styling package with us, we’re always flattered - but we don’t always accept.  We want to make sure our goals for you are aligned and that we are good fit. But when we say “yes, let’s design,” we move full speed ahead.  Providing the excellent customer experience is very important to us.

We have no use for an unhappy client or generating bad business, so we pour our heart, soul, and stylish wisdom into our work.

We’re going to give you our 150% care and attention so that’s why, with exception to massive natural disasters, major illness, or deaths, we don’t offer refunds for our private styling packages.  On that note, no one has yet requested a refund (we’re that good).

How do we get started?
Just contact us!

"Take the next step to enhancing your style!"