Local Government Law

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Zoning and Land Use Planning

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Personal Injury Law

The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury matters, including premises liability cases, trucking accidents, and automobile accidents. Mr. Henry has successfully litigated personal injury cases, for both sides, through settlement, dismissal and trial. So, if you have been injured or damaged, or if you have been accused of injuring someone or of damaging someone's property, the firm can handle your personal injury needs.

Business/Commercial Litigation

When businesses and individuals have contractual disputes, the firm is ready and able to assist, whether through pre-trial negotiation and settlement or through trial. Such disputes usually involve disagreements arising under contracts for the purchase of goods, services, or both, including fights between shareholders/owners of small businesses. Additionally, if you or your business need advice about a contract or transaction, the firm will review the proposed contract/transaction and advise you accordingly, and if necessary, will draft whatever is necessary to accomplish your goal.

Construction Litigation

Mr. Henry and the firm have represented owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in construction lawsuits. While construction disputes increasingly result in litigation, not every issue makes it to court. Many can be resolved without the additional expense of litigation through thoughtful pre-construction contract drafting and negotiation, and cooperative endeavors and communication thereafter. The firm handles matters as simple as the recording of statutory liens and as complex as multi-million dollar lawsuits involving owners, general contractors, multiple subcontractors, sureties, insurers, architects, engineers, and consultants.

Insurance Coverage

Prior to establishing the firm, Mr. Henry spent 5 years working for firms in Atlanta, representing major insurance companies and insureds in insurance coverage disputes to determine whether claims and lawsuits were covered under property and liability policies and if so, to what extent. These disputes often required litigation to resolve coverage issues, and Mr. Henry traveled throughout the country to resolve these cases. Some insurance disputes handled by Mr. Henry involved millions of dollars and multiple insurers and policies. Mr. Henry has also represented plaintiffs and defendants in claims against insurers for the bad faith failure to settle a claim or the bad faith failure to pay a covered loss. The firm has the experience and ability to handle any property and liability insurance dispute.

Other Litigation

In addition to the other areas listed herein, there are a multitude of other issues that can result in litigation. The firm usually is willing to handle any such matters, other than those specific matters the firm will not handle (listed below). One example of such litigation is a real estate boundary line disagreement.

Matters NOT Handled by the Firm

The firm does not handle any of the following types of legal matters: