Zoning and Land Use Planning

As zoning ordinances and development regulations are adopted and expanded throughout Georgia, landowners and local governments increasingly require thorough and experienced legal advice to help properly balance the interests of individual property rights against the rights of the community. Without quality representation, the rights of one can be damaged by the rights of the other. The firm has represented all sides (local governments, property owners and neighbors) in zoning and subdivision issues, some of which have resulted in litigation. The firm has actively been involved in:

Zoning issues can be very complicated and delicate, touching on many other areas of the law, including constitutional law (Georgia and U.S.) Thus, it is crucial to have an attorney with the experience necessary to handle your zoning matters. Mr. Henry has successfully argued zoning issues in Georgia's Superior Courts and before the Georgia Supreme Court. As a result, he has the firsthand experience in zoning and development issues to achieve the results you need.

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